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Swiped to Death is proud to support Black filmmakers and celebrate their stories.
We have curated a selection of web-series and short films that we think you'll love. We encourage you to watch them, share them and engage with the creators.
If you'd like to submit your project to be featured, please email us.
For a list of Black filmmaker collectives you can support,
visit this link.
Because Black lives matter
Forever and always.

Black Lives Matter


Two Grown

Creator: Alana Johnson & Jourdan Guyton

Alana and Jourdan head out for a night on the town after receiving good news.


Creator: Jason Coombs

Follow Shaw James, a misunderstood and awkward black male going through a quarter life crisis fueled by a series of unfortunate events, leading him to therapy, which he wants no part of.


Creator: Keith Chamberlain

In a chance encounter, former skip tracer Frank Briggs meets a man looking to hide from his disreputable business partners. Seeing an opportunity, Frank decides to use his skills become a skip maker and help the man disappear. However Frank soon discovers there are some people who should not be allowed to disappear.

P's in a Pod

Creator: Alex Pires

Pete and Polly meet on a blind date. At first they seem to be soulmates but after some neurotic self-talk and awkward fumbling the two come to a wonderful realization.

Short Films


Creator: Sharieff Walters

A short film about two strangers who meet at a hotel bar and explore how cheating has impacted them.

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