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Watch full episodes of Swiped to Death and follow
Jay & Farah's adventures in online dating!


The Pilots

Jay & Lilly

After a recent breakup, Farah downloads a dating app to try and meet someone new, but what she finds may surprise her.

Farah & Sammy

After countless nights of swiping with no success, Jay finally matches with someone who seems perfect. But things take a surprising turn when she finally comes home with him.

New Episodes

Jay & Katrina

After a week of flirting online, Jay is invited to Katrina's house party for their first date, but is unaware of the many surprise that await.

Farah & Neal

Farah goes on a new date with a visitor from the UK, but doesn’t realize that they might have different definitions of  the word “fun”.

Jay & Maya

After a promising first date, Jay has an epic second date with Maya. Could she be the one?

Farah & Danny

After getting stood up by her date, Farah meets a tall, handsome stranger at a bar and her night takes an unexpected turn.

Jay & Farah

In the season 1 finale, Jay & Farah’s paths finally cross as they match on the Sizzlr app. Will sparks fly? Or will their pasts finally catch up with them?

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